Thursday, November 30, 2006

label me

Personal labels are important. They tell people who you are, what you do, your passions, and your internal dialogue. Labels allow people sum up your entire personality and worth in a few simple words. Labels aid in the categorization of individuals into basic social groups. And social groups connect you to the world, like internet sharing.

Take this for an example: One day you’re a disconnected nobody weighed down by all your freakish individualisms and the next day you’re piggy-backing off of your neighbour’s really fast internet connection uploading the last five seasons of “24” like a hot damn. Now you’ve got it. Yes, sharing and labels go hand in hand. Like uploading movies and criminals.

Labels are belonging. And who doesn’t want to belong?
I know I do.

Concluding thoughts: Labels save people the valuable time and effort in getting to know you. And time is money. And money is important. And so I circumvent back to the beginning “labels are important”.

Coming soon: Self-discovery through personal labels

Monday, November 27, 2006

mostly me

There is nothing vain about a blog... a blog all about yourself and your life... the daily trials and tribulations of your life and just things you like to do to pass the time. Who doesn’t love to see adorable snapshots of your friends, your vacations, your home, your pets, your boyfriend, your job, and your hometown weather? No one. I’m pretty sure that blogging is the coolest and most productive thing you can do with your time. And there is nothing wrong with sharing the intimate moments of your life with the select few who have an internet connection. Absolutely nothing. And so I present my blog about me, mostly.

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