Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hi Blogger... it's been a while...

So i've been meaning to delete from my web presence a long time ago, but people keep coming here! i can't seem to stop them. but they do seem to find my new blog:

And plus, you are my first blog... the blog i started when i didn't have a gosh-darned clue about html or css or even flickr. crazy! so i will make you look pretty again, since i actually know how to do that now... actually blogger, you are looking quite snazzy... almost too snazzy! you're kinda making my wordpress blog look bad!

Oooh cheeky, aren't you? these embedded flash vids look so sharp and nice and since free wordpress accounts disable flash and javascrip, i'm kinda feeling a little bit drawn to your javascript friendliness Blogger...

i know, i know... just upgrade your wordpress and the plug-in gods will smile on you. i'm on it! jeez. but seriously, it does take some time and some know how... like what's a PHP or a MYSQL... i dunno, but i HAVE to know... which is kinda the problem.

so for now, blogger, i will post a tidbit here and there and say hello every now and then. or all y'al visiting peeps can wander around and visit my old posts and pictures... from a different time... a time that was 6 months ago. that's a long time on the www.

until then, take care blogger. and if y'all want to visit me in the present you can go to:
Lisa's wordpress blog
Lisa on Virb
Lisa's Videos on Tumblr


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