Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Please go to my NEW Blog

Just in case you missed it:
Tengo un Blog nuevo
en wordpress. Quisiera que usted viniera visitarme.

Я имею новое BLOG на wordpress.

Έχω ένα νέο Blog στα wordpress. Θα σας επιθυμούσα για να έρθω και να με επισκεφτώ.

Gekommen zu meinem neuen Blog.

novo Blog.


How come I get more hits now that I've moved to a NEW Blog than when I was here everyday updating like a mad blogspot blog blogger? It's perplexing. Because my NEW Blog is far superior. True, it's a little more professional. It's a bit different. But I have faith in you and I know that you will follow the many links provided here and that after some getting use to you will find that you too like my NEW Blog better.

I haven't abandoned you. I'm OVER HERE.

Lovely. Lisa's NEW Blog

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