Friday, February 2, 2007

Remembering Oak Bay High

Look. There I am in high school. A bit needy of attention, aren't we? Good thing I got over that! Phew.

Let's revisit the ol' green and white, shall we?
Pictures circa 2005, post new paint job. I do miss the old pink and blue, East and West buildings -- they kind of reminded me of a pair mismatched socks. Cute.

My entrance of choice. Cool kids only. That is until my tag and locker got moved to the west. Worst tag ever: Marcelass.

Most of my Grade 12 year was spent on this track in Bultlermania. I initially signed up for the 4x100 relay (shortest distance, least pressure), but got roped into running cross-country (much much longer than 100m) and the 400m (oh boy did you ever feel those last 300m. Hitting the wall, indeed.)

Part of my Grade 9 year was also spent on this track. But instead of running, I was marching, yes marching around the track in BandNerdmania. Preparation for the Oak Bay Tea Party and the Victoria Day Parade required many lunch hours of concentrated marching while playing. Step lightly. And I did. The fat kid with the Tuba, not so much. We rocked those parades playing the theme songs from "The Muppet Show" and "Indiana Jones" and my flute trills were spectacular.

The upside: Playing Indiana Jones theme in Disneyland, then going on the new Indiana Jones ride. Special.

The down sides:
- Public ridicule
- Wearing 100 year-old heavy, wool jackets, shoes made of plastic, and see-through white polyester pants (I always forgot to hem mine, so at the last minute I would tape the pant bottom to my leg. Smart move. Maybe not)
- Witnessing Disney theme park characters without their heads on. Up until this point, I was pretty sure they were real.

I ate my lunches here under the willow trees. Alone. Out of choice. I felt more connected to the earth that way.

Leaving memory lane. Come back soon.

NB. This post has nothing to do with recently signing up for Facebook. Nothing at all. Loser.

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