Monday, February 12, 2007

Where am I?

Here's a super fun blog game to cheer up this soggy Monday evening. Where is Lisa and what is she doing? It sure looks fun.

Another thing that's fun is watching my favourite performances from the 2007 Grammy Awards:
1. JT is on FIRE. Seriously, he plays the guitar and the piano too?! Check out his band. They are ridiculous in a very good way. It would be my fantasy to just linger amongst all that gear. Just for good measure, here's another JT vid with more "band moments" JT Live in Paris.

2. Singer/songwriters bring the music back. Check out: Corinne Bailey Rae, John Legend and John Mayer.

3. Finally, payback is so sweet for the Dixie Chicks who didn't make nice and got 5 Grammies.



Lisa Bettany said...

No takers...

i'll give you a few days and then I'm officially revoking your chance to win a fabulous prize... of my congratulations...

fine then. have it your way, facebook traitors!

Very Tasteful said...

I'll hazzard a guess...Bear-Man's "super secret paw print recognition system". Once he presses his big ol' mitt on it, the fancy computer reads his DNA and lets him in.

Inside is a fridge filled with delicious deer snacks and berries.

Lai said...

hmmmm, Disneyland's California Adventures, in Kenai's Spirit Cave?

Lisa Bettany said...

Hip hip hooray! Laila wins the super prize. Wait for it.... Congratulations! (accompanied by fireworks and popping champagne.)

I was in Disney's California Adventure's Kenai Spirit Cave to discover the spirit of my inner animal so I pressed my mitt into the paw print on the wall and was told that my inner animal was a beaver. A beaver? I thought the thing was rigged so I went back 4 more times and got beaver 3 times, and moose once. (Using my foot gave me skunk, but i thought that was just a coincidence.)

Special nominations go to verytasteful for his ingenuity and love of bears. What's a deer snack? Oh, I know.... aww poor little deer. Can we say "deer-shaped" snacks instead, like Animal Crackers, Goldfish or Teddy Grahams?

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