Monday, December 18, 2006

BC Transit Bus Girl

Before I become an international celebrity for my stellar interpretation of ancient blood lust, I think it's appropriate to take a look back at my humble beginnings in the spotlight.

At the tender age of 22, I was plucked out of my life as an ordinary UVIC student and thrust into the limelight of fame that is the "BC Transit Bus Girl".

I won't lie to you and say that the transition to a province-wide transportation celebrity was easy. I was no longer a face in a sea of disgruntled left-wing students. I was now a recognizable face, a bus legend in the making. Immediately, my new celebrity 'status' changed my simple ways. I was constantly cornered in the university hallways and hassled for autographs.

"Hey! Aren't you the girl... (looks at bus guide).. on the bus guide? Oh yah!! (holds guide up to my face) Yah, that's definitely you! (pause) Did you know you were on the bus guide? Ha ha"

All this newly found fame and fortune took its toll on me. Taking the bus to school everyday became a painful experience. Oh the shame I felt when I stood at the bus stop waiting for the No. 4. I could feel the piercing stares of the passengers as I walked the long squeaky path to the end of the bus where I could shield my face from their mockery. I took to wearing a lot of large sunglasses and sun hats that year. 'Blending' was my key objective.

But how was I to blend or be at peace in my inner temple when people considered me the "Ambassador of BC Transit".

"Hey Bus Girl! When does the Number 14 arrive?"
"What bus do I take to get to Tillicum Mall?"
"공항에게 나를 데려가십시요?"

I don’t know. I don’t work for BC transit. I’m just a student here like you. I don’t speak Chinese. The problems didn’t stop there. I was also blamed for inconsistencies in transportation scheduling and fare increases.

"Hey Bus Girl! Why is the bus always late?"
"This bus smells funny"
“$1.75! Doesn’t the government have enough of my money! And you expect me to pay 25cents to look at your stupid face” (Me: “The bus guide is free”) “Whatever.”

The worst was when the buses went on strike and people threw food in my hair.

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Heather said...

I always wanted to be the bus guide girl.

Thank you for making me feel less badly about it.

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