Thursday, December 14, 2006

A year and a bit in review (part two)

Spring Trip 2006 to Varadero, Cuba.


Kelli said...

Wow, your headshots are GORGEOUS!
Who's your agent? just out of curiousity. My hubo is in the hunts for one right now.

Oh yes and lovely to meet you too!

Lisa Bettany said...

agent resource:

sorry it got cut off

Heather said...

That last comment was a bit intense. Too much coffee? ; )

Sounds like how I was speaking this afternoon on my conference call.

Lisa Bettany said...

Thanks! Kevin Clark took my headshots. He really is the best in Vancouver. Check out: His wife does the hair and makeup and she is incredible. My hair has never looked like that before.

My agent is Brigitte at Act Talent. It is a great boutique agency. Young and hungry, just the way I like them. I did a lot of research on Vancouver agencies when I came here from Victoria (Barbara Coultish). The best listing for local agents is:
I submitted my headshot, resume and demo dvd (if they asked) to 8 agencies. After speaking with some of the bigger agencies (Lucas Talent, Characters, and Kirk) I felt strongly about going with a smaller, more nurturing agency (cuz I need nurturing!) I would check out the above mentioned agencies as well as: King Talent and Carrier.

Also, most casting in Vancouver is done through (costs $$ to have a profile) and (free). These sites are also great resources for general casting calls (theatre, voice, student films etc.)

If you have any more questions feel free.

Lisa Bettany said...

Damn you blogger! Pushed too many buttons. Not coffee. Laundry all over my living room. Boys have big socks.

Kelli said...

Cheers Lisa!

I love fellow performer friends, but don't tell James (Heather's Ho) what you do. He doesn't like singing and dancing AT ALL! Actually he might like them seperately, just not together.

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