Sunday, December 17, 2006

Super Villians

While preparing for the role of soul-sucking Akiimu the Great, I have found myself contemplating the thick murky soup of evil. Evil ‘Super’ Villains like Dark Lords, Vampires, Demons, and the author of the Da Vinci Code. What makes you tick Evil thing? Were you turned over to the dark side or did you choose it?

And so I ask you to help me solve this most pertinent question:

Who is the most Evil?

Lord Voldemort
Professor Snape
the “Others”
bad aliens (in general)
bad machines (like PCs or terminators, in general)
Darth Vader
Lex Luthor
Wolfram and Heart
the Mayor
the “First”
Tony Soprano
Arvin Sloan
Sherry Palmer
Teri Hatcher
__________ (insert evil villain here)


Kelli said...

You have forgotten ALL Disney villians.
Tsk tsk!
Those are the ones that scaried you shitless as a child, like the one from Sleeping Beauty or Snow White. They still give me shivers.


Lisa Bettany said...

Shame on me!
Those Disney Villains definitely evil.

And just for you I will add the EVILEST of the Disney Crew:

1. Cruella De Vil for sure. How can you be mean to those spotted little puppies?
2. Ursala cuz she stole poor Arial's voice. (tear)
3. Maleficent from "Beauty" because she is the "mistress of evil”
4. the Vain Evil Queen from Snow White

Kelli said...

Soooo? How was the audition?!

Lisa Bettany said...

I was so in the moment that...

as the vicious Akiimu violently left my body, much preferring the biker dude I was just "necking" with, draining my life force, aging me 80 years, leaving behind a shell of the human that was

I actually slid off the audition chair and fell onto the ground.

The director laughed. I bruised my elbows.

Impressed. I think so.

Anonymous said...

Ryan's two cents:

One of my all-time scariest villians would have to be Dr. Claw from inspector Gadget. Yes, he scared the shit out of me as a kid. I think it was mostly due to the fact that you can imagine a much, much scarier figure then
they could ever show you on tv ... and I had quite the imagination other honorable mentions: Dr. Evil (because he's truly eeevil), Hannibal Lector ("i can smell your... ", well you probably remember the rest) and the evil guy from a spider man cartoon that I have always had nightmares about - I think it was also just a hand.

but since you are gearing up for a part, i would have to suggest the best acted villain in a movie: Kevin Spacey as Lex Luther... very well done.
Watch that movie ten times and I'm sure you will be a hit.

Anonymous said...

Josh says:

Gaius Baltar (selfishness is an especially thick root of evil)


Helen Tighe (Damn)


Dipsy from Teletubbies (f--ing traitor)

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