Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Dazzle me

Figure Skating: A magnificent, opulent, tremendous, stupendous, gargantuan, bedazzlement. A sensual ravishment.

The 2007 BMO Canadian Figure Skating Championships start today with the Senior Men's and Women's Qualifying round. Results are posted as they happen on the Skate Canada Website The Junior Dance Compulsory (Silver Samba) also began today. Lovely dance that Silver Samba. Thanks to the Fantastic Greg Ladret for teaching me. I think I still owe you a dance...

I always look forward to Senior Dance, sure to be thrilling this year with a spot open on the medal podium. Compulsories start on Thursday. Drawn dance: The Golden Waltz. Tricky. I want to send out special shout out to Senior Dancers Colleen and Adam Drybrough coached by the ice dance legend and co-creator of the Midnight Blues, Mark Bradshaw (The glory of Mark (with Christine Fuller) pictured below. Hot).

More figure skating posts, pictures, nostalgia, and magic moments to follow. It will be: Spectacular Spectacular.


Curly said...

Lisa, have you watched the Blades of Glory trailer!

I think it might be better than that one where the girl always said 'toe pick'.

Lisa said...

Yes I have. Kind of like Zoolander on Ice. Loves it!

The Cutting Edge. I own the VHS and DVD Special Edition. Sweet.

I always wanted my own ice rink in my back yard and a dance studio with an oceanview.

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