Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Now you can help yourself

Are you confused about life? Is there a large question mark hanging slightly to the left your head? Are you frantically trying to piece the parts of your life together? Do you need to find the easiest way to glue part A and B together? Did you already unknowingly glue part A to D? It happens to the best of us. There is no need to wander around the world looking like a crazed cartoon man.

Call Ikea.

Happy now.


Very Tasteful said...

Ok, Lisa. The challenge is on.

Go here:

Wear that fancy red tam of yours and submit your best gang sign photo now.

Don't delay.

Lisa said...

What's a "gang"?

Is it kind of like a club? Because I was the vice-president of the "reach for the top" club in grade 8. We made a super neat diorama of subatomic particles.

Very Tasteful said...

Yes, a "gang" is much like a "club".

The only real difference is that the "gang" dioramas are usually accompanied with a dance.

Take, for example, young Marty McGreggor from Winston elementary in New York, New York. His diorama was on various types of modern day furniture. He then performed a "hip-hop" style jazz dance entitled "Dancing About Furniture".

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