Friday, January 26, 2007

Project Ecuador

I wanted to show my support for the boys of Opportunitas Aequa who are heading off to Chimborazo, Ecuador this week to deliver soccer equipment to the impoverished children of this community. They have collected 1347 soccer balls and 854 pairs of cleats and running shoes and raised $12,330. While in Chimborazo they plan on distributing the equipment and building a soccer field for the community.

To learn more about this inspirational story, check out the Project Ecuador blog. They will be documenting their journey with pictures and video, so check back often. You can read about the GiveMeaning send off in Tom's latest post.

You can contribute to Project Ecuador through GiveMeaning. They have almost reached their second goal of $15,000! Let's help them get there!

This story continues to inspire me everyday. Beautiful.

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Very Tasteful said...

That is inspirational. Nice to see those kids are from Victoria as well.

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