Saturday, January 27, 2007

Translate Me

¿Habla usted español?
Parlez-vous le français?
Möchten Sie mich verstehen?

I just couldn't call myself a Linguist with an English-only blog. As a lover of language and culture, I felt sad that I couldn't share with everyone. But today the rain clouds of sadness parted, revealing a beautiful sunny day in the form of a lovely little java script.

I am very happy to announce that "they mostly come out at night... mostly" is now available in nine languages. With a simple click of a national flag button (located above the link-up) you will be LIVE in Your Language. Now that I can call myself a Linguist again, I would like to mention that I would never choose to represent languages with national flags. Not very accurate. I guess majority speaks with this one. Sorry to all the minority languages of these countries not represented here.

I would like welcome my friends of the world and apologize now for any inappropriate translation.

Y Mauritchio, lo siento que mi español es tan malo y por favor mandes más mangoes. Gracias.


Very Tasteful said...

Nicely done. You need your own website as well Lisa, for resume, headshot, photos of hat collection, et al. is available.

Lisa Bettany said...

I do have a rather large hat collection, et al, AKA in need of more closet space.

The truth is that at this very moment I am secretly co-creating a web site with greater designs than shameless promotion of my hats. It will be revealed in due time.

"Softly softly catch a monkey".

MAURICIO said...

Mauricio esta ocultamente disponible! Mi conversation partner en UVic siempre puede contar con este profesor de español.

Lisa Bettany said...


¡Finalmente! Así que feliz de oír de mi maestro español favorito. Por favor, tu me debes ayudar. Yo me olvido todo...

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