Friday, January 19, 2007


It has been over five years since any McEngineered food has passed through these lips. Yesterday, that all changed. At 11pm, Ry comes home from returning this week's DVD selections and says, "I did something bad". My first reaction was that he snuck out and purchased more DVDs, music gear, or consumer electronics. But it was worse.

It was McDinner. Or more like McMidnight Snack. I protested at first, but the bright blue and white box that said "i'm lovin' it" in seven languages, including French, Spanish, German, Russian, Mandarin, and Arabic, made me feel like eating this Filet O'Fish and baked apple pie was important. Finally, I felt connected to the world.

McGlobalism. It just makes you feel special.


Heatherness. said...

That looks McDelish.

Lisa Bettany said...

More like McBarf.

mm said...

or McPuree'd chickens who never saw life outside of their tenement cages.
OR Mccobb salad has more calories than my hamburger. stop me and ask me how.

Lisa Bettany said...

I'm stopping you mm, how?

I used to love those McPuree'd chicken nuggets when I was little.

The turning point: Age 13. I ate McGerman nuggets in the Frankfurt airport before an 8 hour trip home on a turbulent, smoking-friendly Lufthansa flight. Not a good idea. It still haunts me today.

Kristin. said...

The Filet O'Fish...the one item I've never been brave enough to try.

I've steered clear of the McNasty for years as well, but occasionally dream about their fries.

Lisa Bettany said...

ahh.. the thin, crispy, salty, perfectly yellowed, beef fat flavoured McFries dunked in 5 packets worth of McModified Ketchup. Who could resist?

Plus, I'm pretty sure that those ketchup packages are recyclable. Oh wait!

mm said...

school project (don't ask).
Cobb salad has the upwards of 530.
Hamburger has only 320 or so.

Lisa Bettany said...

Good to know that even the McSalads are toxic!

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