Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My Hat Collection (part one)

Hats are fun. Hats are a celebration of expression.

This is the exact moment I started expressing my emotions through hats. This hat choice says, "Yeah, Christmas!", "I'm having so much fun with all my new presents", "I ate my food".

Fast forward a few more years. With this holly jolly fuzzy hat choice, I am expressing the same celebratory excitement for Christmas. (Aside: It is almost February and I have not taken down my Christmas tree. It has become part of the livingroom now. I love it. Don't make me put away the skating mouse. He's so happy where he is.)

Through my exploration of hats, I have encountered the rare "stubborn hat". A hat so unbreakable that it literally has it's own independent personality from the wearer. These hats say, "Step off. I am a my own hat, and if you wear me I will reluctantly sit on top of your head and completely disregard your emotional intent. These hats are no fun.
The first "stubborn hat" I encountered was a large black Stetson hat, that I HAD to wear during a photo shoot. Half way through the shoot I felt like this "stubborn hat" was not giving me anything to work with. I stopped and said to it, as tough as nails, "damn you hat, I'm taking over now. If you won't let me celebrate you, then you're gonna celebrate me!" This is the product after the showdown. I still think the hat is wearing me. Erg.

The graduation hat is also a tricky hat. Overwhelming in it's own right, but also quite distracting to wear with all the tassel business hanging in front of your face. This hat even comes with added responsibility of learning the tassel instructions. Is "graduated" on the right or left side?... Ah I could never remember.

After the completion of my Master's degree, I went from my "serious and tedious academic phase" to a "complete return to childhood" phase. Which was all about the colour pink, no responsibility and Disneyland. In the following pictures of me and my very pink hats, you get a glimpse at my celebration of all things Disney. I am saying, "I'm in the happiest place on earth", More, more sugar...", "Wee....Mister Toad's Wild Ride, Peter Pan, Splash... oooh ahhh", " then I am singing, "No one to tell us no, or where to go, or say we're only dreaming... a whole new world.." and then I get my fortune by my favourite Disney Main street girl "Esmeralda".

To be continued...
This exploratory montage of my hat collection will resume tomorrow with part two -- you never know what kind of zaniness will ensue.

I dedicate this post to Billy's curious fascination with my hat collection et al.


Heatherness. said...

I think you're either a hat person or you're not.
I definately am.
Some of my own favorites are the simple toque (army green from Lulu and a red knitted one from Roberta's Hats), and also what I call my "Old Man Rain Hat" which I purchased from the old man rain hat section at the Bay. It's tweed and it makes me happy. As an added bonus, aside from looking so very awesome, it actually keeps the hair dry.


Lisa Bettany said...

I knew you'd be on the "hats are wicked cool" team. Go on, express yourself!

Just curious: What are you saying when you wear the "Old Man Rain Hat"?

Curly said...

I for one can't wait for part deux.
I think if you can wear hats, wear them!

Very Tasteful said...

Nicely done. The cowboy hat is winning, for sure, but you're putting a mighty good fight.

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