Saturday, January 20, 2007

My First Figure Skating Carnival

Age: 7
Location: Saskatoon Figure Skating Club
Theme: Jungle Animals
Music: "When the Lion Sleeps Tonight"
Costume: Sequined Lion made by my Mum, the talented seamstress.


jon said...

hey. I'm super glad to hear from you again. I was quite sure you'd vanished all together this time. How the heck are you? e-mail me back at
talk to you soon.

Lisa Bettany said...

Yay, it's Jon!

Curly said...

Lisa, I think you and I may have the most fun costume closets (well Melissy too). I have some DOOZIES!!!

Lisa Bettany said...

Let's see your best Curly and Melissa! A costume challenge if you will.

A show-down of sequins, rhinestones, bow-ties, animal prints, florescent colours, headbands, feathers....

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