Thursday, January 4, 2007

Welcome to my trailer.

Let's set the scene shall we.
6am call time.
Location: Abbotsford.
Wardrobe: Lingerie + 3" Stilettos
Season: Winter.
Perks: Getting paid and the Movie-set trailer.

Getting a movie-set trailer is a landmark achievement in show biz. It screams, "I have finally made it out of the extras tarp." Out of the cold and up the metal stairs to "Actor status" (AKA Day Player status) including heat, a private bathroom, a plush little bench/bed, and access to non-stop snacking at craft services. And let me tell you. It doesn't come feel anymore glamorous than being in a movie-set trailer.

Day Player Glamour check list:
1. Super sweet sound system so you can bump your junk to the latest crunk.
2. Roomy bathroom (no heat).
3. PA-delivered fruit salad while in hair and makeup for 3 intense hours. Fake Uggs not included.
4. Inspirational views of trailer #14.
5. The Name Decal, a vast improvement from the Descriptor Decal a la Brunette #1 or Party Slut #20.

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