Monday, January 29, 2007

Fancy P-Ants

I'm never one to toot my own horn, but I can cook... a mean KD. I have excellent toasting abilities with assorted "toastable bread things". And, boiling "noodle things" to a somewhat pasty consistency is essentially second nature to me. In a fix, I'm pretty good with the old microwave. Reheating leftovers is a "done deal". And on occasion, I have melted cheese things with bean, egg, ham, or mixed tuna things on said toastables, and as many as one other person can attest to said cookery as being "edible, but not quite right". So basically, I am a chef-savant.

I pulled this fancy cookery out of the family vaults just for you. I call it: Ants on a Log.


Very Tasteful said...

What? No PB on the log?


Peanut butter, by the way, would be shown as "gravy" on the legend.

Heatherness. said...

Very talented.

As an alternative, Please refer to our "Floog" for some easy cooking inspiration.

Lisa Bettany said...

P-Icky P-Ants

I've revised the legend for the nit-picker among us AKA "the Jeff Goldblum lover".

NB. "gravy" wasn't "natural" enough for my design concept. Plus, I can't draw it. I don't have a "gravy" coloured pen.

Curly said...

You know what I like most about you Lisa. I thought you were a total random blog friend until Bill told me you guys all went to high school together! I was dooped into thinking I had bridged the gap of cyber space and connected with a stranger...well I guess I have since we didn't go to school together and I have actually never met each other.


Lisa Bettany said...

Aww, th-Ants Curly!

The blog-o-sphere is a pretty crazy way to meet someone, but I am very happy that something so seemingly disconnected has led to meeting such a cool person like you! Yeah!

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